Quality commitment "Made in Switzerland"


Fertigung   Our pressure regulators are constructed and produced in Switzerland. We are committed to Switzerland as a production location and its competitiveness. The Swiss Made Crossbow represents precision and quality from Swiss production.
ZUERCHER TECHNIK pressure regulators combine knowledge, experience and know-how in the production of pressure regulators. The requirements of the chemical-pharmaceutical industry have led to the development of precise, corrosion-resistant and FDA-compliant pressure regulators. We are focussing particular attention on the complete spectrum of pressure blankets (reactors, storage tanks, centrifuges, containers etc.). In addition to ventilation regulators, pressure regulators for sterile or foodstuff-compliant production processes are an important part of our production program. ZUERCHER-TECHNIK is meeting the challenge. Our credo: A business company can only survive in the long term if it works out solutions together with its customers. The quality of these solutions is our driving force. ZUERCHER-TECHNIK develops, constructs and produces pressure regulators in Switzerland.