Butterfly Valves
Series MTV/MTVF / DN80 – DN500 / 3″ – 20″, Somas©

High performance and high pressure butterfly valve. Triple eccentric seat design, Wafer) or Lug. Application for Control or On-/Off-Valve, with soft or metallic seat design available. With Hand Lever, Gear box or automated with pneumatic or electric Actuator. Operating Temperature range max. 350°C (depending on material and pressure class).


Type: Butterfly Valve MTV/MTVF

Design: Wafer or Lug type

Sizes: DN80 – DN500 / 3″ – 20″

Pressure class: DIN PN10/25 ANSI cl.150, 300

Body Material: Stainless Steel 1.4408/A351 CF8M

Seat Ring: PTFE, PTFE53, Metall Others on request

Leakage Class: PTFE-EN60534-4 cl.V Metal seat EN60534-4 cl.V

Option: FireSafe, High temperature design for max. 550°C on request

Technical datasheet
Operation and maintenance manual