Butterfly Valves
Series 800 ISO / DN50 – DN1200 / 2″ – 48″, Xomox©

High performance and high pressure butterfly valve. Double eccentric seat design, design as WAFER or LUG type. Design as WAFER or LUG type. Suitable for control or shut-off application. FireSafe- certified design with metal seat, with hand lever with notch plate, gearbox or automated with pneumatic or electric actuator. Operating temperature max. 550°C (depending on material and pressure class).


Type: Butterfly Valve Series 800 ISO

Design: Wafer or Lug type

Sizes: DN50 – DN1200 / 2″ – 48″

Pressure class: DIN PN10/16, 25/40, 64/100 ANSI cl.150, 300, 600

Body material: Carbon steel 1.0619/A216 WCB Stainless steel 1.4408/A351 CF8M

Seat ring: PTFE, RPTFE, Metal-graphite, PEEK© others on request

Connection: between flanges acc. to DIN EN1092-1, form A,B1,B2 or ASME B16.5 cl.150, 300, 600RF

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