Low pressure regulators
Type BSe, DN15 – DN100 / ANSI 1/2″ – 4″

Spring- loaded, self- acting backpressure regulator (outbreathing valve, depad valve) in angle pattern design for regulation of pressure in mbar range. Usual application is inertion and blanketing.


Type: Backpressure regulator Type BSe
Design: Angle pattern body
Sizes: DN15 – DN100, ANSI 1/2″ – 4″
Pressure class: DIN PN10/16, ANSI cl.150
Inlet pressure: max. 2 barg
Setting range: -400mbar g up to+1200mbar g
Body material: Stainless steel 1.4404/SS316L, Hastelloy©/2.4602
Diaphragm: Gylon©/PTFE/FPM/EPDM
Connections: Flanges acc. to EN1092-1 form B1 PN10/16 or ANSI B16.5 cl.150 RF
Specials: Options with pilot valve, as dome-loaded design, oil- and grease free, other sealing surfaces
ATEX Declaration of Conformity
Operation and maintenance manual
FDA conformitation

Technical datasheets

Technical datasheet BR1i ANSI
Technical datasheet BR2i ANSI
Technical datasheet BR15i
Technical datasheet BR25i
Technical datasheet BR25ib
Technical datasheet BR40i
Technical datasheet BR50i
Technical datasheet BR80e
Technical datasheet BS1i ANSI
Technical datasheet BS15i
Technical datasheet BS25i
Technical datasheet BS25ib
Technical datasheet BS40i
Technical datasheet BS50i

Mounting manuals

Mounting instruction 4001.02 PAR Bi DIN-comp
Mounting instruction 4002.02 PAR BNI DIN-comp
Mounting instruction 4003.03 PAR BiE DIN Imp-comp
Mounting instruction 4004.02 PAR Bi N_G-comp
Mounting instruction 4005.02 PAR BNI N_G-comp
Mounting instruction 4007.02 PAR Bi ANSI-comp
Mounting instruction 4008.02 PAR BNi ANSI-comp
Mounting instruction 4009.02 PAR BRie ANSI Imp-comp
Mounting instruction 4010.01 PAR B25ib DIN-comp
Mounting instruction 4021.02 PAR Be DIN-comp
Mounting instruction 4022.02 PAR BNe DIN-comp
Mounting instruction 4023.02 PAR BeE DIN Imp-comp
Mounting instruction 4024.03 BE G_N-comp
Mounting instruction 4025.03 PAR Be C1 C2 C3 C4-comp
Mounting instruction 4026.02 PAR Be ANSI-comp
Mounting instruction 4027.02 PAR BeE ANSI Imp-comp
Mounting instruction 4028.02 PAR BNe ANSI-comp

TA-Luft Certificates

TA-Luft BR/BS/MRib/MSib