Segment control valves
Type KVTW/KVTF / DN25 – DN700 / 1″ – 28″, Somas©

1-piece Trunnion Design PN10/50/100, ANSI class 150/300/600, in wafer and flanged design, for Control- or Shut off – Applications, soft- and metal seated Design, with mounting pad for actuator, Antistatic, Face to Face dimensions acc. to EN558 series 15 for applications up to 550°C


Design: as wafer or flanged design

Sizes: DN25 – DN700 / 1″ – 28″

Pressure class: PN10/50/100, ANSI class 150/300/600

Body material: Stainless steel 1.4408/A351 CF8M

Seat material: soft- and metal seated

Operation and maintenance manual MI-101
Operation and maintenance manual MI-110-112
Operation and maintenance manual MI-113-114
Data sheet SI-101
Data sheet SI-110
Data sheet SI-113
Data sheet SI-114