Underpressure blanketing


Below principal drawing of NEGATIV PRESSURE BLANKETING with INERTGAS for storage tanks, reactors, vessels and other volumes. Negative pressure gas blanketing is used to hold a light under pressure in the tank. This prevents the escape of toxical or dangerous products.


The two necessary negative pressure are mostly adjusted and leaded, as example:
under pressure regulator -40 mbar under pressure limiter -10 mbar.
The minimal difference of the two working pressure is 15 mbar. To minimalize gas consumption and products loss the difference of two working pressure should be as large as possible to bloc consummation of gas by temperature variation.


The flow-out volume determines the capacity of the depressure regulator, the flow-in volume determines the capacity of the depressire limiter.


The ventilation sucks trough the open under pressure limiter the tank in a vacuum. Arriving at -10 mbar the under pressure limiter is closing by emptying the tank the vacuum is increasing continuously. At a under pressure of -40 mbar the under pressure reducer begins at to feed nitrogen and holds the vacuum constant.